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Christie Wells enables people and organisations to become the best they can be.

Our mission is “to provide specialist development solutions to wide range of clients, through challenge, reflection and learning”.

Delivering sustainable solutions for our customers is of paramount importance at Christie Wells and this is achieved by challenging peoples thinking to release potential and exceed their expectations.

This website will give you a taste of how Christie Wells will help you as well as your organisation, please phone us or e-mail us to begin our partnership.



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Our services delivered through the following specialised interventions;

Coaching & Mentoring individuals and groups to develop skills, knowledge and behaviours to fulfil their potential, long standing confidential relationships with clients, that provides a safe place to solve problems, lend advice and guidance, and enable vision and direction.  All coaches and mentors are members of the Association for Coaching and Level 7 qualified
Leadership & Management programmes - working with partners to design and deliver short workshops or longer-term development programmes. ILM accreditation can be offered with partners where required.
Facilitation – making business and events for our customers easy, more efficient and more rewarding.  This could be facilitating monthly performance and project meetings or special team building and away days.
Assessment of vocational qualifications including ILM, VRQ and NVQ from Level 2 to 7
Mental Toughness (MTQ48) – specialists in personal resilience and MTQ48 qualified involving diagnostic and feedback sessions.
Investors In People – we are licensed Investors In People practitioners

All our interventions are bespoke and tailored to the needs of the organisation.

Our Values

  • Life make the most of it - which means we are enjoyable to work with.
  • People we aim to give clients exactly what they need, putting our people first
  • Time is our currency
  • Fun establishes the safe environment for learning
  • Performance peaking when it counts